How much longer can we wait?

I have decided to start this page because I no longer accept what is going on in my beloved country.  If you look at the state of America, there are a few obvious problems, with a few obvious solutions.  First and foremost, it is time for us to recognize that the social experiment of diversity isn’t working.  In the past 20 years, we have seen the white population in this country dwindle, while 20 million illegal Hispanic immigrants have crossed the border.  All the while, the African Americans in this country have figured out that in order to prosper in America, all they have to do is nothing, and if any questions it, they scream racism.  It is plain to see that the Government has decided to ignore the problem, so where does that leave us?  By us, I mean myself, and any other white American who realizes that once the white population is no longer the majority in this country, it is doomed.  I am not sure how we can turn the tide, but I know that if we say nothing, and do nothing, our children do not have a chance.